Competitive Analysis


Easy to split bills and rent with roommates. Can pay through the app. Can only pay equally or by %, doesn’t help split rent based on specific factors. They have a website feature outside of the app that loosely values the rooms based on things like windows, closets, bathrooms. 


Fairly split rent and bills. Demo feature is nice, can see how it works clearly. They have a useful feature to rate the rooms perceived values on sliders and every roommate can rate it. Processing took a long time. No other values like room measurements or income are taken into account. 

A website to help split rent. This calculator is very simple. It’s smart how they give the total square footage and then each room, so it is a simple way to split the shared space equally. It also accounts for private bathrooms automatically assuming they are 100 sq feet. it doesn’t include income and makes the user calculate room sizes outside the website. 

Hifi screen designs

Next in my design process I started fleshing out a logo and screen designs. Here are are some of the screens I created but didn't make it through. I like to design a lot of very different screens and iterate, showing my designs to people and seeing which one they respond to best. I had to view the screens on both iphone and android, the colors can vary a lot from device to device.