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  • Client: Prospero

  • Role: Product Designer

  • Tools: Figma, Illustrator

  • Team: CEO + Software Engineers

The Problem

The stock market is rigged in favor of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

Financial behemoths use your information to gain insights that only serve wealthy individuals. Your data turns into money for others.

The Solution

Provide free investing advice to users, and have them willingly give data to improve stock predictions by giving out prizes as incentivization. 

Wireframes given to me

I was given some initial wireframes to help understand what our CEO was envisioning. 

Android_ Dashboard Pick Unlocked.png
Android_ Survey Question.png
Android_ Dashboard Pick Locked.png

First Iteration

Prospero wanted to work fast, they already had a team of engineers and they asked me to just jump in and start designing. 


Second Iteration

I needed to take another pass as the design. Our team also wanted to start ideating how we would provide free stock predictions to our users. 

ios_stocks_14 – 1.png
ios_spider_14_graph – 2.png
ios_spider_14_graph – 1.png

Third Iteration

I took the design to a simpler place, I rebranded the logo. I cleaned up the nav and a lot of the UI. We added a few features so that users know when they can take surveys again and more easily manage their favorite stocks. 

iPhone-SE-2020-Mockup-FREE 1.png
closed alpha 1.png
after survey ver 1 1.png
points 1.png
end 1.png
our picks.png
favorites filled.png
guide 1.png
survey reminder on 1.png

Social Media

I created a set of social media content, I put all the visuals and copy together.

Copy of Add a subheading.gif
Copy of Invest now & start your growth.p
Copy of Save smart by making your money
Level the playing field.gif
Copy of Crowd sourced data combined with
Phone Money - Data = Stocks.gif

What I Learned

User Research is very helpful before jumping into the design. Sometimes a very agile product means fast usability testing, research on the fly, and being able to jump in and produce work before formal research is conducted. 

A lot of details can be caught internally with a proper QC process, finding the right people with that mindset and ability is not always easy. Identifying this skill in team members early on helps establish workflows to improve quickly. 

Running user experience meetings weekly, depending on the team, requires stricter agendas. Design jams are not meant for everyone on the team to participate in. Too many people in those brainstorms without the skillset for it can make the meeting not run as efficiently. 

Time is not always on the designer's side. When you are Product Designer, Graphic Designer, Researcher, and Production artist on a limited budget and timeframe, things get cut. I would have loved more time to explore Brand Identity and do more user interviews. 

I was challenged a lot on the UX side of things. A lot of assumptions were made before I was brought on the team and things already coded, but I'm proud of the value I put into Prospero.