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tuutkia is a leads exchange. I have provided branding, a home page design, and a navigation menu. 

  • Client: tuutkia

  • Industry: Leads Exchange

  • Date: Feb 2019

What problem am I solving?

How to sell leads in a market place for the average person, a way to make money by leveraging your social network.

Design & Branding

tuutkia had an initial design developed. They needed new branding and integration of screens for easier navigation. Their logo needed reworking and a new color style created that appeals to younger users. It needed to be easier to understand and use.

Old logo

New logo

Round 1 of Landing Pages

Next Design Round and Assets

Based on the feedback on the landing pages, this look was created.

I needed to start creating some assets and handing them off to programmers. I needed enough content to show the look and feel of what the app would be, and how I wanted the information architecture of the menu. This way the programmer could create more content without my assets if they

should need to work ahead of me.